Welcome to Upchurch the Redneck’s Fan Club membership page. Have you ever wanted to meet Upchurch in person, have a personal friendship with him, or just speak with him one-on-one? Now is your chance!!

Upchurch is always trying to find ways to help his charity Rise and Stand and make their voices heard. 80% of funds earned from his fan club will go to his mission to end bullying, stop human trafficking, and help house families and animals, and much more! The other 20% is for traveling expenses to visit fans. The membership fee last for 6 months.

There are two memberships to choose from:
The silver membership gives you access to get personal emails from Upchurch, see photos and videos made just for you, and possibly win some prizes picked out by Upchurch for you. The silver membership newsletter and page is updates regularly so there is always something new for you.

The gold membership gives you access to a special page on the website frequently updated with exclusive photos and videos just for gold members. You get a weekly newsletter with news about Upchurch like, events he will be at, projects he is working on, along with personal messages for members. Your name is automatically put in all drawings for giveaways. You could win trips to meet Upchurch or have free one-on-one calls with him. The possibilities are endless! You know how creative Upchurch is and how much he loves his fans. There will always be something new to offer you.

 Just click the GOLD or SILVER button to become a fan club member.

For questions or concerns email Management@Upchurchtheredneck.com





  1. Nicole Montoney says:


  2. christine says:

    Gold for me to

  3. I really want a meet my number 1 fan

  4. Shae-Lynn DeNaeyer says:


  5. Hey,your videos inspire me and they are very hilarious

  6. Gold

  7. Gold for sure

  8. Your videos are so funny like totally hilarious

  9. Kory Luckett says:


  10. Liz Clark says:


  11. Gold for sure

  12. How do I sign up?

  13. xXupchurchXx says:

    Do you have to pay for this membership ship??

  14. Gold

  15. Alexandra Portelli says:

    Gold status 🙂

  16. layla belfiore says:


  17. Omg I love you.

  18. Gold

  19. Gold

  20. Gold

  21. ashely nichole lipe says:

    Gold for sure

  22. april King says:


  23. cheyenne bennett says:


  24. Id like to be in ur fan club really enjoy all ur stuff im zane im from texas

  25. Kevin myers says:

    Your wild man. RHEC! keep it up. I’ll be watching all your videos.

  26. Dylan Hall says:


  27. Amber Broadhead says:


  28. patsys1986 says:

    Gold! I would like to pre- order a cd! How do I do that?

  29. justin fox says:

    I’m going to gold membership myself. I had a run in with a guy claiming he was you. I can’t wait to really meet u and see Ur show in Ohio.

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