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  1. chealsea hamlin says:

    Im so excited. 🙂

  2. You’re awesome man. You always tell it like it is and you are sooo funny. I love the facial expressions you make and the different voices…hilarious. I like to raise hell and eat cornbread too. Still can’t make it like my momma tho. Keep up the good work!

  3. ashley fuller says:

    I would love to do this but can’t at this time I don’t have an income from getting fired from work because I got hurt. 🙁

  4. Ur awesome

  5. I love your videos. Your amazing. I understand a lot from you. 🙂

  6. keep doing what you doing I enjoy watching your videos.

  7. Tj & Melissa says:


  8. Greatest redneck ever

  9. I watch your videos every week your hilarious. keep up good work bro

  10. Your an inspiration to us all.

  11. Christina ball says:

    Really cool

  12. I watch your videos every day when I’m in school haven a bad day keep up the good work men

  13. Megan adams says:

    You ever been to nh?

  14. Kevin pierce says:

    Dude if im ever having a bad day i watch you’re videos ever in Ohio doing a show id deff help spread the word. Raise hell eat cornbread

  15. You are awesome bud funny as hell finally happy that a southern guy is making it as a comedian keep up the good work

  16. amanda horton says:

    You are so funny my 1 1/2 year old thinks so too he just laughs and laughs when I play your videos

  17. Just keep on keeping on

  18. Stephanie Buck says:

    I love your videos. Your so inspirational!!! Raise hell and eat cornbread son!

  19. Katlyn Grier says:

    I Think You Are Too Funny!! && True At The Same Time!! The Video About Fake Redneck Boys Was The God’s To Honest Truth!! Me && My Sister Always Argue About What A Real Country Boy/Gal Is!! && You Helped Prove My Point!!

  20. Dude u are amazingly funny

  21. dan dement says:

    Your posts are crazy funny

  22. Jessi Marie Arnold says:

    Love your videos. I especially appreciate the one you did, thanking everyone who is serving. My sister and many of my friends are in the military. So it means a lot that you thanked them.

  23. susie lanette lee says:

    You are absolutely amazing! #1 fan! Ur so funny c: omg #raiseHell&EatCornBread♥

  24. Aleasha Carrier says:

    I will be going the gold membership very soon.

  25. His videos relate to my every day life It’s crazy af I laugh my ass off every time I watch one so I chose silver member……funnier then a chicken head up a hogs ass on a hit Thanksgiving day…..

  26. Brittany Jarrett says:

    i watch your videos everyday with my niece just so i can be in a better mood(: my niece really loves your videos, she giggles when ever you do your funny voices.

  27. Delaine Pent says:

    Absolutely LOVE you!!

  28. aaron johnston says:

    Love wht u do brotha keep it up

  29. Allie Tuggle says:

    You’re hilarious

  30. shanna vaughn says:

    Your so awesome

  31. Skype name is pinkorange91

  32. Hell yeah

  33. I love your videos , your amazing , keep up the good work !!

  34. MatthewDillard says:

    Keep up the funny videos and inspirational videos because your videos help people going through a rough patch in their lives

  35. Your AWESOME!!❤️

  36. I love you your my inspiration☺

  37. Deanna Darden says:

    I’m so happy!

  38. Topanga smith says:

    All I have to do is watch a video of your to laught

  39. Love watching it video ur awesome but hope yall have a good day

  40. Hey what is your Skype name

  41. You are awesome!

  42. Jonathan bivens says:

    I love peanut butter. So so much

  43. So how do you keep a straight face

  44. Love the videos funny as hell!!

  45. Your amazing!!..your so so funny I love everyone of your videos ever made!!! Plz don’t ever stop making videos just Bc of stupid haters

  46. You put a smile on my face and make me laugh out loud every day!!

  47. tiffany stack says:

    I love watching your vidoes because you are so hilarious!

  48. I feel ur struggles in school from teachers man.

  49. Amber Dailey says:

    U r so awesome

  50. You should come to Birmingham soon. I think you have recently but you should come again if you have

  51. Man your funny as hell

  52. Clay Mohr says:

    Funniest guy I’ve ever seen!

  53. I love ur videos if anyone is in a bad mood all they have to do is watch a video

  54. I in joy watching you u are great

  55. Omg you crack me like for reals I can not wait for more of your stuff like for reals

  56. bella beck says:

    This is going to be fun

  57. Now give me yo Skype

  58. gavin snyder says:

    Dude your amazing

  59. Hey great job getting ur own website upchurch

  60. That’s so sweet

  61. Kaitlyn Defriece says:

    Your amazing & so is this!!

  62. Cummins Redneck says:

    Show us what ya drive bud!

    All the way from saskatchewan!

  63. Keep the videos coming & thank you for being real!

  64. Your awesome man

  65. Savanna Whitten says:


  66. Your to cool

  67. Wish i could help but i will share the crap out of it and i hope and pray they get the help they need for there baby god bless

  68. Jacob Mantor says:

    So did i do it?

  69. You’re awesome! And an inspiration! I watch ur videos all the time! They make my day so much better! 🙂

  70. I like Upchurch redneck videos very very much

  71. Instead of Duck Dynasty i would like and Upchurch the Redneck show. 1 because hes hot, 2 because hes funny as heck and 3 because who wouldnt wanna watch him all day? 🙂

  72. Are you really gonna do it?

  73. You So funny

  74. You put a smile on my face when I’m down. Thank you.

  75. I hope to see u when i go to the beautiful sky

  76. skype(;

  77. Your amazing Ryan love watching your videos. Even tho I’m from Ohio I’m a country girl at heart. I hate living in the north. My family is from WV!! Keep up with the videos I enjoy watching them♡

  78. Now the Skype Pweese

  79. Carly Lawson says:

    I’m so excited! You’re amazing,funny, and I watch your videos all the time, your hilarious

  80. Hey cant wait to skype u… 🙂

  81. Your videos r funny

  82. Sarah Weaver says:

    Your videos seriously make my day lol

  83. devin tice says:

    I really look up to you Ryan you are the best man wish there were more people like you in the world you have been a big inspiration in my life

  84. You have great videos keep up the good work

  85. Bethany Keith says:

    I’m 17 years old and a country at heart. you are just so amazing and id love to just talk to ya one day. It would be so amazing:)

  86. Upchurch I get the biggest kick out of some of the stuff you come up with. Thanks for a good laugh man.

  87. Megan Taylor says:

    Sweet Beaver.

  88. Sierra Anne says:

    Ryan. I got in a real bad wreck last year. And lost my life twice. Had too learn too walk ad talk. Eat. And all that. I had no ability too laugh until one night my friend showed my the video of your opinion on the N word. I laughed so hard. I actually did something that I have no ability to do. Tears came out. I’ve never laughed so hard. Your like a big inspiration too me.!

  89. You are SO sexy….

  90. -Mr. Upchurch here is one of the sexiest, funniest, and most understanding rednecks I know in Tennessee! Ryan, keep goin! You’re grawesome! !! #rhec #keepit #hillbilly

  91. Halie Walters says:

    Keep it frickin hillbilly baby!! Yeeyee!

  92. Your videos are amazing

  93. I love ur videos

  94. Gold:)

  95. Stefanie Kendrick says:

    You need to post a lot more

  96. I

  97. Watch your videos everyday your seriously the funniest person ever .

  98. Garrett lucas says:

    what is your Skype name

  99. says:

    You should run for president man

  100. Keep doing what you do up church you keep it real

  101. Your awesome and very funny

  102. Chelsea Hamblin says:

    I think you are so amazing! #1 Fan!!!

  103. Trenton says:

    Biggest fan

  104. GOLDDDD !

  105. Your just so awesome!! Love ya videos cant wait for more RHEC!!!

  106. Adam maynard says:

    I can’t wait

  107. Well since the fan club silver and gold cost money maybe do a contest and the winner gets a free gold membership and the runner up get silver ??? Idea maybe haha

  108. To the fans

  109. You’re very funny and amazing keep doing what you’re doing we love you

  110. Mike Upchurch says:

    A buddy told me about you …He asked if you and I were related. ..I said sure..somewhere down the family tree…keep up the funny..cousin!

  111. Dylan Hall says:

    I’m so exactly

  112. Brandon Rowland says:

    Dude your awesome funny stuff keep it up me and my wife are fans

  113. nikki Morgan says:

    This is gonna be good.

  114. Tyler Harty says:

    When is the album coming out on iTunes?

  115. Rebecca Stewart says:

    Youre so amazing

  116. jeremiah king says:

    I love your videos your funny but the music I’m not a big fan of but I do respect what you do so keep up the good work ☺

  117. Christina says:

    Omg you are super funny and right on point with all your videos. Im a huge fan love ya man. P.s your pretty fine.

  118. You are sooo amazing I totally wish I could meet you!!!

  119. Love the music wish I weren`t at this military academy but back home in Brunswick county NC

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