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Welcome to the Official Website for Upchurch the Redneck!

Here, you will be able to follow Upchurch all over the web from one source! Keep up with all his latest photos and videos. Also, keep checking back for games, giveaways, and updates straight from Upchurch himself.


  1. Hey bud I’m trying to get ahold of a picture we took together at Rockin Williys in Ponchatoula Louisiana during the Meet and greet ! Your Photographer took the picture but I was never told how I could get a Copy

    Vance_tomlin@yahoo.com email me a copy please

  2. hey upchurch whats up bro? heard ya yell bad ass checy z71 in video come help me bleed my brakes on my z71 get ahold of me yo

  3. Upchurch you have been a man that I have looked up to for a long time and your are the only one I can come to right now my grandpa just passed away and he was a man no one could forget he was the Man You talked to and listen for days about the animals he’s killed and the story’s he had to tell he’s one man that stuck out to everyone. He’s someone you would love to sit there smoke with and just listen. He could tell you so many story’s and I just want to get in contact with you just to tell you about him and my story about him . I wanna be able to tell a story about him trough lyrics and a good some please contact me 501-628-8808

  4. Upchurch your about the standup dude and coolest you do and say things everyone wants to say but don’t I love your music and videos I’m a disabled vet and your music makes my day thanks Rhec

  5. Hey man I’ve been jammin out to your shit since u first started and I’ve done nothing but get better and better I’ve started a little splatter paint business on the interior of vehicles and would love to do one of you vehicles hmu on Instagram 828_grown

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