Ryan Upchurch

Who The?

Ryan Edward Upchurch was born in Cheetham County TN on Mat 24th 1991. He comes from a close family full of humor which led him to become the hilarious redneck comedian we know today. In 2014, while hanging with some friends Ryan started creating videos as his character “Upchurch the Redneck” within four months time he gained over 100,000 fans. In less than a year he hit over a million fans on social media.

In some of his famous videos, Ryan would sing bits of his favorite country songs. Fans couldn’t get enough and would beg for more. In July, 2014 Ryan put out his first single “Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread” which started the RHEC craze. Before long, Ryan had his own RHEC clothing line. Redneck Nation quickly sponsored the clothing line and in no time RHEC merchandise became popular.

It seems everything Ryan touches turns to gold. He has such a kind heart and outgoing personally, he is just easy to love. In 2015, he joined the team of Rise & Stand to help the organization raise awareness about bullying and labeling. He spends a good majority of his time mentoring fans in need.

Ryan rose to fame when he released his hick-hop rap album “Cheatham County.” The album was in the top 25 before even hitting shelves. 

Read more by visiting Ryan’s Wikipedia page. 


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  3. Upchurch you are my idol I’m a redneck to I would love to hear back from you man you are really awesome

  4. wus up fellow redneck im 17 and love your music its the realest sh.t out there and i have respect for it upchurch RHEC4LIFE