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Welcome to the Official Website for Upchurch the Redneck!

Here, you will be able to follow Upchurch all over the web from one source! Keep up with all his latest photos and videos. Also, keep checking back for games, giveaways, and updates straight from Upchurch himself.


  1. Hey bud I’m trying to get ahold of a picture we took together at Rockin Williys in Ponchatoula Louisiana during the Meet and greet ! Your Photographer took the picture but I was never told how I could get a Copy

    Vance_tomlin@yahoo.com email me a copy please

  2. hey upchurch whats up bro? heard ya yell bad ass checy z71 in video come help me bleed my brakes on my z71 get ahold of me yo

  3. Upchurch you have been a man that I have looked up to for a long time and your are the only one I can come to right now my grandpa just passed away and he was a man no one could forget he was the Man You talked to and listen for days about the animals he’s killed and the story’s he had to tell he’s one man that stuck out to everyone. He’s someone you would love to sit there smoke with and just listen. He could tell you so many story’s and I just want to get in contact with you just to tell you about him and my story about him . I wanna be able to tell a story about him trough lyrics and a good some please contact me 501-628-8808

  4. Upchurch your about the standup dude and coolest you do and say things everyone wants to say but don’t I love your music and videos I’m a disabled vet and your music makes my day thanks Rhec

  5. Hey man I’ve been jammin out to your shit since u first started and I’ve done nothing but get better and better I’ve started a little splatter paint business on the interior of vehicles and would love to do one of you vehicles hmu on Instagram 828_grown

  6. Ryan hey skins
    I know fans and what you believe in is number one to you my boys got in trouble at their school and got kicked off the bus fir listening to your music now I have to go to the school in the morning to not only defend them but you as well they were called racist

  7. Hey upchurch I wanna make music and you are the one who inspired me I was just wondering if you had any tips for me

  8. Ryan Upchurch I love your music man your are one amazing person inside and out keep up the good work with yo your music man #RHEC

  9. Church you have got to put on a concert in Texas! I’ve got 20 rednecks ready to roll wherever you are in our great state. Getting inducted into the RHEC family next week, getting it tatted for life!

  10. What’s up church.I raise gamecocks and hella stuck on your work.got mad respect for you .I was wondering if it would be OK with you if I named my next up and coming blood line after chicken Willie .I’m not looking for fame or clout chasing or money or any that fake ass shit. I just want to do it as a fan and to show respect .if so that would mean more to me than anything .I raise kelsos I got from Nathan jumper (Johnny jumper farms) also raised up some brownreds . not dead set on a name just yet .wanted to get permission first. Like I said this is not a scam or any other bullshit. Just don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to cash in on your name or step on your toes. Simple as that from one cocker to another . if you could please respond I would really appreciate it .or hell if you want to help with the name I would be more than happy to name my birds from a suggestion . while I’m at it I want to thank you for all your music I listen everyday keeps my head on straight.I can relate to most of your songs my a most favorite is (the old days) and your version of charlie Daniels simple man.you killed it bro. Please give it a thought and let me know.thank you

  11. And here is her youtube so you can look up her music and such. And you can trust me on this she is a really really good singer she can rap she can sing country music she honestly sings like an angel. She is most definitely a talented singer I would hope you could take her into consideration into making maybe a collaboration with her and upchurch trust me you wont doubt it for a second.


    Caden Choate

  12. Come to west plains mo cevic center no one ever comes here I live in a little hick town about 25 miles from west plains

  13. Hey man I believe in every thing you speak but I also believe there’s more to you then you spit I’d like to learn hit me up if you think the same ! Hit me up on FB email old not to tech savey

  14. Hey Brother I am Joshua Austin , I am 26 years old an a electrician from North Carolina. I am in the army and am deployed to Kuwait, I play your music all the time, when we go on a mission I always play legend before we hit the road.” when I die I’m gona be a legend ‘ I would love to see what I could do about getting some RHEC gear. we maybe the same age but I look up to you, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you please let me know how I can get your gear. – from the boys out here protecting us all – SGT Austin thanks man.

  15. Hey Ryan! My 14 year old son Tyler is a big fan of yours and I do enjoy your music as well. Especially the meaning of your songs. We are from Massachusetts and are int the minority when it comes to our political beliefs. Tyler and one other kid in his school refused to do the student walk out last year over gun control. Tyler is as much of a redneck as you can be coming from Mass. All his friends call him a redneck because of the fact he is the only one who has BB guns, knives, mostly camp clothes, and goes shooting with me regularly. He loves lifted trucks so I actually just bought a Ram 2500 with a 7″ lift and lights everywhere. We will be in Nashville 1/17/19-1/21/19 if you are doing shows.

  16. Upchurch, u need to come back to lawrenceburg, Tennessee and play.. There’s alot of fans in Lawrence county that would love to see u, in our neck of the woods. I would love to get an autograph one day..

  17. It’s not just a youth that like your music. I’m 57 year old ex truck-driving redneck from Arizona. Enjoy the hell out of you music spend a lot of time in the South when I drove truck. And out here representing still. Hope to see you out here this way doing some concert sometime. And yeah this old dog like to get your autograph sometime

  18. Love your music, you need to get a festival together here in TN. You, Calhoun, Hoosier, katie Noel and as many more you can get. Fuck banaroo. Let’s get everyone from Red Neck Nation together, show em how us hillbillies get down

  19. What’s up Upchurch I am a huge fan of yours. I listen to a lot of your songs. I would love to come to one of your concerts and meet you in person. You are the best Redneck I have ever known in my entire life. Your music is fantastic and I am a Redneck just like you.

  20. upchurch, you should do an album with yelowolf, struggle and jelly roll I think that would be sick as fuck. Oh and why dont you have very much music on apple music??

  21. I’m from bellingham washington. I’m a golf pro and my golf course wants to do concerts. I’m in charge of these concerts. My buddy from home met you in Missouri on the way to an off road racing event. His girlfriend lives close to your farm. We would pay good money to bring you out here and can get you on some king salmon while you are here. We are lookimg for a day in July through September. The kings come in August. Just throwing it out there. This is our first year doing concerts bit we are right between seattle and vamcouver bc.

  22. Hi Ryan,
    My name is Guillaume.
    I was born in greenville South Carolina. I spent my childhood there, like 20 years ago.
    I like what you do man !
    I had to go back to France with my family and man… i f****ing mess US!
    It’s the revolution here in France and I work everyday to pay taxes for people who do not anything, they just stay home and wait for the income that I pay for them!! Do you believe this?!!
    I like your music and wehnelt I see your vidéos I just wonder what I am doing here in France…
    I am an American citizen and god bless America!!
    Dont’t know what to say else, just liked to party with you guys.
    If you can reply that would be great!

  23. Hey RYAN UPCHURCH just saying what’s up skin and that 48 coup u bought at maple motors I had a hand in a lot of the work that went in to that car if u need to know any info or past info on that car it came from Hoosier automotive at 1401 e. 10th street Jeffersonville Indian befor it went to maple motors in Tennessee I live in Louisville ky and work for a guy that we build them cars in Jeffersonville Indiana I’m not on social media at all but ever want to chat about the car or cars period hit my email hadleygrider90@itunes.com

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